Everly is a sweet 7-year-old with multiple medical diagnosis that make it difficult remain balanced on a standard bike. Without a bike that supports Everly's needs, she has been unable to join in with her three active siblings while they ride their bikes. Everly's mom had long been searching for an adaptive bike that would allow her to join in with her peers. After struggling to receive funding for two years through other agencies, Everly’s mom was incredibly grateful to be quickly approved for an adaptive bike through Variety. Everly was able to get fitted for her cute new bike and take it home that week. The bike's adaptive training wheels and foot straps give Everly the help she needs to stay upright and enjoy a bike ride for the first time. Everly was ecstatic to finally be able to join her siblings and friends on a bike that was customized for her needs. As Everly enjoys her bike, she will build strength and endurance that will increase her independence on a bike and everyday life. 

Check out Everly's adorable reaction to finding out she was getting an adaptive bike and a clip from her fitting at Emery's Bike Shop!