14-year-old Eve lives with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, commonly referred to as brittle bone disease. This condition can lead to bones easily fracturing, so finding the right activity can be tricky. Discovering ballroom dance has greatly benefitted her physical and emotional health. Eve has been dancing with typically abled kids for many years. However, there has not been instruction on how to incorporate her wheelchair. She has been adapting dance by herself. As Eve has moved up to higher levels of dance, it has gotten harder to keep up and stay in sync with her classmates. Variety was able to co-fund a request for Ballroom Dancing at Fred Astaire Studio, where she was paired up with an instructor that specifically teaches paradancing. Eve has never let fear of an injury stop her from pursuing her passion, and wheelchair dancing is an excellent way to build up muscle strength and flexibility. Dance also increases Eve’s self-confidence and sense of self-worth! Watching Eve through every move and turn is her service dog, Finn. This gentle giant patiently waits to assist as needed, but watches more as her biggest fan! 

You can read more about Eve on her Facebook page, Chronicles of Eve and Finn @onegoodthing1.