Ebony is a high achieving teen juggling class work, an after school job and stage managing her school plays. With her busy schedule, Ebony clearly doesn't let her Arthrogryposis diagnosis prevent her from living life to the fullest. Ebony uses her feet to do pretty much everything we do with our hands and hopes to do the same with driving. However; the high cost of adaptive driving lessons has prevented Ebony from achieving the freedom driving offers. With Ebony's busy schedule and college on the horizon, that needed to change. After hearing Ebony's story, Variety was able to work together with CLTS to fund adaptive driving lessons. This spring, Ebony finished her first 10 hours of driving lessons with high praise from her instructor, “She is making very good progress, actually better than I expected…Ebony is gaining confidence in herself and it shows.” With the rest of her funding covered by CLTS, there's nothing in the way of Ebony achieving her goal to get her license before college.