Durrell was born with a congenital knee dislocation and an absent ACL, decreasing his range of motion. Knowing the importance of exercise, his family strongly encouraged Durrell to be active and join group sports with his classmates. Unfortunately; his diagnoses prevented him from participating in a lot of physical activities his peers enjoyed. When introduced to adaptive bikes, Durrell and his mom both jumped at the opportunity to have a comfortable way for Durrell to stay active, enjoy the outdoors and play with his peers. Durrell’s rang of motion makes bike riding without assistance extremely difficult, but with the use of adaptive wheels, Durrell was able to remain balanced and ride like his friends.

Durrell’s adaptive bike has the potential to help him increase his strength, endurance, and weight management while increasing his range of motion. Adaptive bikes also provide numerous mental health and social benefits, providing a new opportunity to connect with peers, boost self-esteem and create a sense of belonging. Your support ensures that kids like Durrell experience the same joyful independence of riding a bike as other kids and live their life without limits!