Cori is a bright eyed 4-year-old girl who loves to shop at Target and be out and about in her community. Unfortunately, before Variety installed a wheelchair ramp for Cori, she was not able to access her community as often as she would have liked. Cori is diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and because of this, is unable to use her arms and legs and uses a wheelchair for mobility. She lives with her grandparents and depends on them for all of her cares including lifting. Cori’s grandmother is also physically disabled which made leaving the home a challenge. Because Cori’s wheelchair is extremely heavy, Cori and her grandmother had to rely on Cori’s grandfather for all of the lifting. This significantly limited their ability to access their community.

Variety stepped in to provide a wheelchair ramp for Cori so that she could access her community with ease! Before the wheelchair ramp was installed, Cori’s grandfather had to carry Cori’s chair out of the home, down multiple stairs, then return for Cori to put her in her chair. The wheelchair ramp allows Cori and her grandparents to enter and exit the home with ease while Cori remains in her wheelchair. This has resulted in less pain for the grandfather, less wear and tear on the wheelchair, and has eliminated a fear of Cori falling or being dropped. The wheelchair ramp allows for more FREEDOM and Cori has been able to make many visits to the toy aisle at Target!