Caleb is a vibrant and outgoing 11-year-old boy who loves super heroes, video games, and Legos! One of his all-time favorite hobbies is drawing. After visiting a local bike shop that makes adaptive bikes, Caleb was inspired to draw the bike of his dreams. He submitted the drawing, along with an application for an adaptive bike to Variety of Wisconsin, in hopes that he could get his very own set of wheels. Because Caleb has Spina Bifida and an abnormal gait, he is unable to ride a traditional 2-wheeled bicycle. He dreamed of a bike- a green one for that matter- that he could ride to his local park and explore his community. Variety of Wisconsin made Caleb’s dream come true by providing him with his very own adaptive bike. Caleb lovingly named it “The Green Machine!”

Caleb looks forward to riding his bike on the lakefront bike trails. Caleb’s bike has special pedals with foot straps and a basket in the back which he can use to transport his Lego creations and lunch boxes for picnics at the beach.

“The adaptive bike empowers Caleb because it allows him to keep up with other kids. When Caleb is on wheels, he’s on equal ground with the other kids and he’s able to move faster than he can when he walks. The bike gives him Freedom.”

- Caleb’s mom, Rachel
Caleb's Bike