Brandon had a great time with his family at Variety’s Chatter Matters! Communication Camp. While Brandon had fun making friends and engaging in “non parallel play” for the first time, his parents enjoyed the opportunity to share their concerns with other parents who ‘get it.’

Brandon, who is 7 years old, has Agenesis of the corpus collosum, epilepsy, and speech apraxia. Before camp, Jim and Wendy were a little skeptical of the need for Brandon to use a communication device, as Brandon can verbally communicate, it is just very difficult to understand him. But by the end of camp, everyone understood the importance the device is for Brandon.

“Chatter Matters was an excellent experience for all of us. Brandon made some friends and was able to be himself and not be judged, was able to participate in some great activities. It was really awesome to see others using their devices and what a lifeline these devices are in helping children to express themselves. The Speech Pathologists, students and other professionals at Chatter Matters were instrumental in an overall awesome experience that will never be forgotten.”

- Brandon’s dad, Jim