Freedom Program

What is the purpose of the Freedom program?

Variety’s Freedom program helps children with physical disabilities by funding durable medical equipment for those with the greatest financial need. This includes wheelchairs, walkers, van lifts, house ramps, adaptive car seats & strollers, specially-equipped bicycles & tricycles , bath equipment, stair lifts and other items necessary to increase a child’s access to and participation in the community.

Who does the program serve?

The program serves children with physical disabilities who are 21 years of age and younger and whose need for enabling mobility equipment is not met by any other source, including family, school, insurance and service program resources.

Are there income restrictions?

Yes. This program helps children who are unable to obtain help from any other source. Income, number of dependents, medical expenses, and cost of the equipment requested are all taken into consideration when deciding to fund a request. In some cases, when a family’s income allows them to contribute to the purchase, Variety will only cover part of the cost of the equipment. Each application must include proof of the family’s income.

What types of equipment will be funded?

Wheelchairs (electric and manual), stair glides, ramps (for house or van), van lifts (where a ramp will not be sufficient), adaptive car seats, strollers, walkers, standers, adaptive bikes and tricycles, bath equipment and assistive technology. House modifications (i.e. ramps, stair glides) will be done only in cases where the house is owner occupied. If you are seeking a home modification or adaptive bicycle, additional forms are required than this application. Please contact the office if you need those forms. Requests for each piece of equipment must be accompanied by a Letter of Verification from a doctor or physical therapist documenting the need for the item and stating the specifications necessary.

If I submit a fully completed application, is my request guaranteed to be approved?

No. Meeting Variety’s funding requirements and sending in a complete application does not guarantee that your request will be approved. Funding is determined by Variety’s Board of Directors. Variety has limited resources and is not able to approve every request that we receive.

A few things to note before you apply:

  • Variety will not provide funding for tag-along bikes, power pumpers, buddy bikes and tandem bicycles where the child is not actively participating in pedaling.
  • Variety will NOT provide funding for: the purchase of a vehicle, drop floor vehicle conversions, therapy rooms, therapy pools, weighted vests or blankets, or beds.
  • If you are applying for a home modification or vehicle modification, proof of ownership is required.