Chatter Matters!

Variety’s Chatter Matters Communication Camp is an overnight camp for children with physical disabilities who use speech generating devices, as well as for their parents and siblings.

Chatter Matters is like a traditional summer camp but the activities are adapted for all ages and abilities. Through traditional camp activities like arts & crafts, adaptive sports, games, campfires and music, children learn to improve their communication device use.

Chatter Matters is unique because the entire family attends camp together. By allowing parent and siblings to attend, families have fun, create lasting family memories, and everyone becomes an integral part of the communications device learning program.

Best of all, Chatter Matters is completely FREE to attend! Because of the generosity of wonderful sponsors and donors, Variety covers the full cost of camp – including meals, lodging and all activity supplies – for all camp attendees, including volunteers.

What parents have said about Chatter Matters:

“The opportunity to be with other special needs parents also helped us out of our years-long sense of isolation. It was a tremendous experience to be among those who ‘get it’ – both professionally and in their daily home life as well – and to have that opportunity have some community.” – Jim & Anne, parents of 8-year old Brandon

“It’s not often Kira participates in something that I can stand back and let go of my worries. Here was a place Kira fit in, and camp was ready for her. Kira left camp with a stronger understanding of how to use her communication device, and a treasured week of camp memories she has shared with her 3rd grade class. I left camp with new circle of friends, a bonus I hadn’t anticipated. Thank you Variety, for the opportunity to participate in Chatter Matters!” – Patty, mother of 9-year old Kira

“With extraordinary vision and planning, the camp staff worked with tireless and infinite patience, compassion, energy, and imagination to ensure that children with disabilities could have the chance to enjoy a meaningful summer camp experience.” – Elise, mother of 13-year old Jenna

Interested in volunteering at camp or sponsoring a child to attend camp? Contact Taimi at or 262-777-2090.