Care Program

Variety the Children’s Charity of Wisconsin has provided major support to these major clinics in Milwaukee.

The Variety Orthopedic Clinic at Children’s Hospital: The Variety Orthopedic Clinic at Children’s Hospital is world renowned for its work with children and prosthetic therapy. Variety has helped to create the Gait Lab and has purchased a non-nuclear scanning machine used for treating scoliosis patients. This equipment reduces the exposure to x-rays over a child’s life, which is valuable because radiation exposure increases the future chance of developing cancer.

The physicians and staff in the Variety Orthopedic Clinic at Children’s Hospital have a wide range of experience and provide state-of-the art treatment for everyday, as well as for difficult or rare pediatric orthopedic problems. The team of pediatric specialists includes board certified orthopedic surgeons, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pediatric nurses who specialize in orthopedics, orthopedic technicians who apply splints and casts, licensed occupational and physical therapists, and a group of experienced secretaries and assistants who enjoy working with pediatric orthopedic patients and their families.

The Epilepsy Clinic at Children’s Hospital: The Pediatric Epilepsy Center specializes in the treatment of epilepsy in children, especially those with unusual or difficult to control seizures. Medical treatment is offered for all types of seizures, and epilepsy surgery is offered for certain types of seizures. The pediatric neurologists and pediatric epileptologists are experienced with conventional antiseizure drugs, as well as newer medications developed in recent years. For children with intractable seizures, four advanced treatment alternatives are available: the newest antiepileptic medications, the vagal nerve stimulator, the ketogenic diet and epilepsy surgery. Surgical results are excellent, thanks to experienced pediatric neurologists, pediatric epileptologists and neurosurgeons.

Variety of Wisconsin currently does not provide funding to organizations but can provide direct financial assistance to children for therapy, durable medical and mobility equipment, orthotics, and more.