Adaptive Bicycle Program

Variety works with a bicycle specialist to ensure that each child receives a bicycle that will meet their specific needs. Each child meets with the specialist for a custom assessment that focuses on their abilities and unique needs.

When ‘out of the box’ bicycles don’t offer enough support for a child, we go further to build custom adaptations such as adding a seat harness, switching out the bicycle seat, or adding a rear steer bar for the parent to control.

We aim to make bicycle riding possible for every child that wants to ride!


Physical Health
Bicycle riding is a fun way to exercise. Children with physical disabilities often cannot exercise in a typical way. Adaptive bicycles provide improved cardiovascular, strength and bone/joint health.

Range of Motion & Therapy
Bicycling is a great way to work on range of motion because it uses the full stretch of the arms and legs. The range of motion experienced on a bicycle carries over to make everyday tasks easier, such as walking, dressing and bathing.

Cognitive Development
It’s in a child’s nature to want to explore and have fun. Movement is crucial for cognitive development. For children who have difficulty moving independently, an adaptive bike offers a way to get around to learn about the world.

Social Acceptance
Being able to ride a bicycle with peers gives the child a sense of belonging. They are able to participate in a “typical” activity with family and friends.

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Interested in getting an adaptive bicycle for your child?
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